System structure


Smart House iq2home is created as a separate system of intelligent modules, centers, control units, communication interfaces, and other units.

Of course, the basic parts are the modules that contain sensors (motion, temperature, door opening, weather, etc.) and control units (turning on lights, heating controls, pumps, motors, etc.). The modules are equipped with a microprocessor and thus can perform simple activities independently (for example, switch on the light when motion). Modules are also interconnected (bus or wirelessly) and thanks that the information is forwarded to each of the sensors, allowing them to make better decisions when operating the equipments.

This extra information is also forwarded to the central, where are iq2home programs with enhanced intelligence. These programs can decide based on comprehensive information from all the sensors and modify the basic system behavior. For example, such a program knows based on the long-term evaluation of movement in the house how to optimize the timing of heating of individual rooms or detect long-term absence of persons (holidays) and others.

The whole system is then connected through a communication interface with the outside world. This allows for example to control the system via the Internet or SMS gateway.

The important parts of the system are also the control units (switches, LCD touch panels, remote controls) that allow occupants to control the entire system.

The system is designed so that it can be easily set-up, upgrade and improve its attributes. The system is built so that it can be connected to different types of buses of different electronic devices.