lampLighting control is the basic component of the Intelligent home. Intelligent control of the house in addition to the standard manual control option provides automatic lighting control. Automatic control is affected by several factors. The primary factor is the movement of persons captured by sensors, light intensity of the room in daylight, selected lighting and color schemes and various other optional factors (opening a door, for example, the desired change of the lighting when the TV is switched on).

Compared to control lights by motion sensors, the smart home control of iq2home use complex information from all sensors on which the logic of the system can better recognize if the person is still in the room, or just stopped moving.

Intelligent lighting control in addition to increased comfort thus avoids wasting electricity by automatic turns off of unused lights. Equally interesting functionality is backup lighting by LED light suitable for the movement of people in the house in case of power failure.

Heating, cooling, air recuperation, hot water

heatingOne of the basic components of an intelligent home is the heating control, or cooling control or air recuperation. Our open solution offers the ability to connect different types of these devices and use this communication to ensure the best functionality.

Intelligent control of iq2home in addition to the basic functions and heating timelines is using comprehensive information of all sensors located in the house, which allows him to modify the programmed schedules on the basis of regular habits, or to detect long-term absence of persons or non-used rooms. Of course, the level of these modifications can be preset. This heating method allows a higher level of comfort as well as energy saving as separate automated heating or cooling.


blindsIntelligent control of blinds in addition to providing the basic power control also automatic control based on comprehensive information about the movement of people, lighting, weather, and other. Blinds control based on the weather allows to reduce heat loss in the winter, or to help defend the penetration of heat in the summer. Automated blind controls of course also helps to increase the privacy by an early pull of blinds after sunset and turning on lights in the room.

Solar panels, heat pumps

solarIntegrated operation of these devices in smart home get a better opportunity to use an appropriate redistribution of heat produced. For example, in case of long absence of persons gained heat goes not to water heating, but only to promote heating. Of course you also get the added comfort thanks to a single operator in the Intelligent House. Of course, the actual control already includes advanced features of control devices.

Alarm,security, doorman

lockThe alarm function takes care about your safety, which contains the same functionality as conventional alarms. In addition to ordinary motion or window alarm sensors can declare an alarm when pressing the power button or use the interior door opening sensors, cameras and more. Of course security involves monitoring the leakage of water, gas, CO, fire and other, which provides this feature.
Smart House provides to connect video concierge, so that images from the cameras will be displayed on the control touch panel of the smart home and you’ll be able to talk with a visitor from any room.


poolA swimming pool can be also connected to the intelligent control of iq2home. In addition to the normal functions of the pool you get the opportunity to influence by the logic of the other suggestions. Heating and water purifying can automatically adapt to the presence of people in the house (for example, reducing the temperature automatically when there is established long term absence) or weather. Of course, the comfort will also raise by the possibility to use all controls of the intelligent house (can be used also control via internet)


gardenEvery gardener will appreciate the opportunity to use modern technology at work. One of them is watering. There are many different automated machines. Some of them can be connected to a smart house to take advantage of the possibility of remote monitoring and control, or use additional information to influence their actions.

Sound, multimedia, communication

soundSmart House can integrate also multimedia features. The system is able to integrate a variety of audio devices (such as ….). It is then possible to control the audio distribution in individual rooms by using the controls of intelligent home. The system can also support audio-visual communication with other members of the household or with friends over the Internet.

Power, Power Supply


The entire system is powered by the backup battery, which provides its basic functionality during power outage.