May the house ‘think’? May it perform a series of activities instead of you, provide you comfort, save your time and money? Do you think it is a vision of the future? No, it is not. We offer you Iq2home technology of enhanced intelligence, which teach your house to think. Not just a simple automation. We offer you a comprehensive system of intelligent building, which uses all the knowledge for the best managing of your home.


Simple and unified interface provides easy control of the house from one place. You have more ways to control (switch, touch screen, computer, through the Internet, …). You do not have to learn to control each part of the system differently.




The safety is secured by integrated security system, as well as a set of fire detectors, water, gas and CO leakages and more. Thank of this you will have a greater sense of security in your house.



Energy saving

Automatic switching off lights and electrical appliances, intelligent heating and use of renewable energy resources saves the energy and also your wallet. Finally, you have the feeling that you did something for our earth.




Built-in intelligence performs many automated activities, which you would otherwise have to carry out regularly. This gives you time that you can devote to your family and hobbies.



Free time

By the integration of multimedia and communication systems, the system provides you convenient play control of your favorite music or movie. Communication function allows you to be closer to your friends and loved ones.