Intelligent House iq2home allows controlling the system by multiple devices. It depends only on you which option suits you the best:

Touch panel Touch control panel is simple and intuitive thanks to the graphical interface. The touch panel can be mounted on the wall (for example, next to the door classical switches), or loosely on the table. If you decide to control your smart home by conventional switches / controllers, it is recommended to use at least one such control on each floor for the ability to control advanced features.
wall switches / controllers To control some basic functions you can use classic controls. For example, for lighting control is possible to use conventional switches.
IR / radio remote control Some common features can be controlled by the IR controller (it is possible to use also regular TV universal driver).
computer / tablet / smartphone The whole intelligent house can be set and controlled by a computer, tablet or smartphone through www interface. If you connect the smart house to Internet, you can control this setting and perform at a distance.
By voice This functionality is being prepared