Energy saving

uspora_energIntelligent optimal control of heating, air conditioning, lighting and other electrical appliances can bring up to 30% savings.

Iq2home can optimize the heating process in each room based on the typical movement of persons in the house, can detect long-term absence of people and turn to holiday mode, can adjust the heat according the wind conditions or weather forecasts on the Internet. In the case of strong wind Iq2home rolls down the blinds just in unoccupied rooms, which will also reduce heat loss. In the summer, on the contrary all the information is used for the management of air conditioning.

If you are using the hot water circulation Iq2home controls the pump with respect to the movement of people. So if no one comes into the bathroom, the system turns on the pump and thus it does not spend unnecessary energy for cooling the water pipe.
If you have children, which often forget to turn off the lights, Iq2home will do it itself and it can save you tens of percents of the electric energy used for lighting.

Of course, if no one is present in the house, Iq2home automatically turns off all the lights, turns off all appliances that do not stay on, and so you do not worry about whether you turned off the iron, or the light.

By using the weather forecasts and information about the movement of persons Iq2home can make better use of energy derived from solar collectors and decide whether to heat the domestic hot water or the energy will be used for the heating.

There are many other options how to save energy by using these modern technologies, but not least the very complex energy consumption monitoring system provides an overview of the actual consumption and it can help change the habits of the residents to achieve further savings.